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I’ve had a patchwork career and, like many, have not been particularly intentional about the path and where it leads. Each movement has been an adventure; some more delightful than others.

My moments of joy are when you see insights appear on people’s faces; You realise you have prompted a new thought or way of thinking about things. I love it when that happens!

So, how did I get to a role in OD? The pathway initially looked like this: Lecturer – youth worker-in-charge – employability officer – communications officer – training advisor- L&D professional. Then, by chance, an internal secondment appeared as an OD manager covering maternity leave. I realised that I had little knowledge of some areas but my background was varied enough that I had lots of transferable skills and I got the role. It was more challenging than I expected and I had a lot to learn but it was a huge growth period for me.

I continue to lead a team who work in the OD space and I learn from them all of the time. The thing is, OD is still an area that people are trying to fathom and that gives us opportunities to use our strengths and our knowledge from other disciplines to help to add greater insights.

The path is rarely linear, sometimes more challenging than you anticipate and always one of growth. If you are curious, connect with people, communicate clearly and be willing to learn, OD may be your next adventure.

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