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1: What does your OD role involve? 

I am the lead People Director for the organisational design and development programme merging 3 large NHS organisations together (NHS England, Health Education England and NHS Digital). This includes a reduction in the size and shape of the organisation of up to 40% and also so involves, HR, Org design, Development and Change activities for 22,000 employees. 

2: How did you get into OD?

By working with a creative leader who recognised that design and development had significant benefits other than just driving change through HR policy.  She encouraged me to get involved and develop my OD&D skills and I really enjoyed learning these early in my career. 

3: What do you enjoy most about your role? 

The variety, the engagement across many areas of the organisation(s). It is challenging but wanting to get the right outcomes for patients and being compassionate to our colleagues during change is helping us be a supportive and enabling team for the organisation and the wider NHS. 

4: What advice would you give someone looking into OD&D? 

■ Keep an open mind, learn from what others are doing (there are some great learning opportunities through CIPD and other events/materials/reports etc)

■ Explore opportunities to have a go, you will add value either to your aims/goals/or your own learning (or all 3).

■ Don’t  assume that everyone knows everything about OD&D, there are many concepts, theories, you need to find what works for you and your organisation.

■ Find yourself a coach or mentor who has OD&D experience, you will be able to share your experiences and get some signposting which could be invaluable. 

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