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Garin Becomes a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD

Photo of Garin holding his Chartered Fellow of the CIPD Certificate

If you follow us on LinkedIn you might have already spotted this photo.  We’re delighted to announce that Garin has become a Chartered Fellow of CIPD – the professional body for experts in people at work. 

Becoming a Fellow, the highest level of membership it is possible to achieve, recognises Garin’s  proven strategic abilities, people expertise and business impact in highly complex environments and his influence on the wider people profession.  

Find out more about Garin’s journey to becoming a Chartered Fellow:

Editors Notes:

A Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a prestigious professional designation that signifies an individual’s expertise, experience, and commitment to the field of human resources (HR) and people development. This title is awarded by the CIPD, a globally recognized professional body based in the United Kingdom, which seeks to advance the HR profession by setting professional standards, providing resources, and offering accreditation to its members.

Becoming a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD involves meeting stringent criteria that reflect the individual’s skills and experience in the HR industry. These criteria include a combination of qualifications, practical experience, and evidence of continuous professional development. Specifically, the individual must possess a CIPD Level 7 qualification or an equivalent, have at least ten years of HR experience, with at least three years of strategic decision-making in the field, and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to their professional growth.

One of the key aspects of becoming a Chartered Fellow is the demonstration of sustained impact in the HR industry. This can include the successful implementation of HR policies and practices that benefit organizations and their employees, the development of innovative solutions to address workforce challenges, and the promotion of ethical and responsible people management. Additionally, candidates must exhibit a commitment to the CIPD’s Code of Professional Conduct and uphold its values, such as maintaining confidentiality and demonstrating integrity in their work.

Chartered Fellows of the CIPD also have a responsibility to contribute to the development and advancement of the HR profession. This can be achieved through mentorship, research, and the sharing of knowledge and best practices with fellow professionals. Chartered Fellows are often sought-after speakers at industry events, thought leaders in the field, and contributors to professional publications.

Becoming a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD provides numerous benefits to individuals and their organizations. These benefits include increased credibility and recognition as an HR expert, access to a wealth of resources and networking opportunities, and the ability to influence the future direction of the HR profession. Employers often regard Chartered Fellows as valuable assets, with their expertise and knowledge being critical to the organization’s success.

The Chartered Fellow of CIPD is a prestigious and highly respected designation within the HR industry. It represents an individual’s commitment to excellence, ethical practice, and the continuous improvement of the profession. By achieving this status, HR professionals not only enhance their own careers but also contribute significantly to the growth and development of the HR profession as a whole.

Find out more at CIPD and becoming an OD Practitioner here.


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