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Here comes hybrid working…

People working on laptops in co-working space

Managing remote teams is challenging. For some managers operating remotely has exposed capability gaps that were less obvious face to face. A much more sophisticated approach to leadership is needed to effectively manage a virtual team. You really, really need to know your people to pick up on the subtle clues about how things are really going when you aren’t face-to-face – whether that’s performance, workplace relationships or wellbeing.

But if managing entirely remote teams is a challenge – managing hybrid teams is even harder. Keeping your team together and making it feel inclusive is tricky when you have some people remote, some in the office and potentially all on different days.

You can sense the temptation to avoid the complexity by insisting on remote only or office only. But survey after survey shows people want the flexibility to work where they do their best work and in a way that docks with their personal circumstances. If organisations want to retain and attract the best people they need to find a way to make hybrid work – and work well.

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