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How to Categorise Your Different Ideas

What do you do when you’re making a big decision and you’ve got multiple options, but different opinions and perspectives on what is most important? Firstly, well done for developing multiple options, you’re already better placed than 69% of strategic decisions made in organisations which only have one option.
Sorting your ideas into categories using predefined categories can really help the decision making process. The process of sorting your ideas into different categories will provoke good discussion and help people take a more objective approach, even if they are emotionally attached to their own idea. As they sort the different solutions, they may start to see their idea is not feasible or may require a big time commitment, and that another option can achieve the desired outcome with less effort.
You can change the categories and tweak the criteria to fit the nature of your decision. You may find a big decision will require a category such as “likelihood of creating intense emotions.”
Do you use any other categories for sorting your ideas?

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