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How to make great decisions

High angle crop shot of creative business team discussing ideas while collaborating on startup project during meeting in modern office, focus on hands holding documents over table

Good decision making is one of the drivers of organisational success. Get it right and you’ll be moving in the right direction, at pace, with your team aligned and involved. But it’s not without its challenges.

What can be done to improve your decision making? How do you go about it? We had a great time studying, discussing and testing all the extenstive academic research that is out there to create a 4 step process to help supercharge your decision making.

It helps overcome the risks of bias, complexity (and chaos!), generates better options, identifies the implications of your decisions, and how to engage with your stakeholders to ensure you create better solutions and they buy-in! We’ve also provided practical tools that you can use to improve your solutions and encourage productive team discussions!

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