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What we do

Are you a modern, progressive organisation that wants to bring out the best in your people?

When people thrive, organisations thrive. We specialise in:

Strategy | Decision Making | Leadership | Team Excellence | Senior Teams | Organisation Effectiveness

Who do we work with?

At Distinction Business Consulting we work with individuals, teams and whole organisations. We are experts in building capability in decision-making, leadership, team excellence, organization effectiveness and strategy.  Our clients seek us out when they have strategic capability gaps that need to be closed or they need to identify new ways to tackle complex challenges. 

We can deliver results whatever the shape, size, or maturity of your team. You might have good people and want them to become great, you might have teams that are stuck and need to get back on track, or be onboarding new teams that need to hit the ground running.

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How Do We Make a Difference To You?

We know that every organisation is different, and we work hard to build the best possible future for yours. Our clients say they appreciate how we listen to them and focus on their unique needs. We take a personalised approach using a custom combination of coaching, facilitation, training, and consulting. We develop individuals, teams and organisations to deliver results, be more effective, make a positive impact on your purpose all whilst creating a thriving, healthy culture for your people.

We deliver exceptional results for organisations just like yours.  Our clients say working with us leads to:

1. Improved performance and communication across their organisation

2. Greater integration and collaboration between teams

3. Increased engagement and retention

4. More impactful strategy

5. Significantly upgraded leadership capability

6. More effective decision-making

7. Better prepared leaders, leading more effective teams

8 Improved well-being and less stress

How Do We Acheive Results?

We’re happy to talk you through our extensive portfolio of work. You can find out more about how we work here. To give you a flavour of what we do at Distinction Business Consulting, here are a few examples of the organisational challenges we’ve successfully navigated with our clients.

  • Upgrading leadership capability and supporting transition to senior leadership through leadership coaching
  • Transforming the quality and effectiveness of team collbaration through our Transformative Conversation Skills Lab programme
  • Improving communication and trust to break down barriers between teams using Everything DiSC to deepen self-awareness and foster effective collaboration
  • Creating greater alignment across functional activities
  • Re-engineering decision-making mindsets and processes to enable more effective decisions and accelerate growth and performance
  • Building leadership capability to develop and lead high-performing teams
  • Supporting teams to have powerful, human conversations about the things that matter the most using the innovative Emotional Culture Deck
  • Fast-tracking cohorts of emerging leaders to step confidently into their first leadership roles
  • Enabling teams of HR and People Professionals to develop internal consultancy skills
  • Uncovering and embedding organisational core values into day to day ways of working
  • Developing better strategy and help surface team and organisation priorities

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What Does That Look Like?

In broad terms, our work at Distinction Business Consulting falls into categories. First up is small things: they are easy and quick to complete. The second category is medium-sized things: they require a bit more time to develop but produce great results. The third category is large things: they take time, but the results will take your business to new heights.

Small things might be a 3-hour workshop on how to handle challenging conversations or to develop a Team Question Bank to improve psychological safety,  a lunch and learn session on core decision-making skills or a key-note session at your conference or event.

Medium things could include a 6-session leadership coaching programme for 1 or 2 individuals, a facilitated process to help you embed your values into your working practices or a 1-day workshop on how to effectively manage a hybrid team.

Large things could be a programme to design and develop a new decision-making framework for your organisation and team coaching on a live business critical decision or a development programme for your top team or a group of emerging leaders.

We deliver our programmes conveniently with support and resources available on-demand, wherever you are. That can be virtual, face-to-face or blended – whatever works best for you and your team. And if things change, we’re ready to switch to a fully virtual solution at short notice, meaning that we can continue to support and develop your people no matter what’s going on around you.

Find out more about our Leadership Capability offer here:

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