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Listen to Garin’s Podcast on How Organisation Development can support Diversity and Inclusion

OD Podcast ion OD and Diversity and Inclusion

Last week, Garin had the opportunity to join Woosh Raza on his podcast dedicated to inspiring well-being and inclusion in the search for belonging. The focus of their conversation was on Organisation Development (OD) and its potential impact in building greater inclusion and belonging within organizations.

Organisation Development is a discipline that involves applying behavioral science principles to improve an organization’s effectiveness and well-being. By using a systemic approach to identify and solve problems, OD practitioners work to create inclusive environments where individuals feel valued and supported.

During the podcast, Garin and Woosh discussed the importance of recognising and addressing systemic barriers to inclusion, such as bias and discrimination. They also highlighted the role that OD can play in facilitating change and promoting a culture of inclusivity.

The conversation between Garin and Woosh provided valuable insights into the potential of OD to foster greater well-being and belonging within organisations.

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Editor’s Notes:

Woosh Raza is Director of people, culture & inclusion at NCVO. Woosh is responsible for leading on the people strategy across NCVO, and supporting NCVO and the wider sector in advancing its aims in equity, diversity, inclusion & belonging.

Woosh is a chartered member of the CIPD, having worked across the private and public sectors before developing his career in not-for-profit organisations in housing, health care and criminal justice settings. An experienced change management expert, Woosh has a proven track record in leading and delivering large-scale transformation projects.

Woosh is a co-chair of the central London CIPD Committee, sits on the BAME leadership alumni for Stonewall and runs his own ED&I consultancy focused on supporting third-sector clients in advancing their strategies in equity and belonging.

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