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Transformative Conversations

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Teams that have the tough conversations

Imagine a team that is willing to take risks, admit and learn from mistakes, and engage in productive conflicts without fear of repercussion or negative judgment from each other.

A team where people lean into the difficult conversations rather than avoid them. A team that’s harnessing its collective intelligence, surfacing its real priorities and debating what matters most.

The Distinction Transformative Conversation Programme

Teams that go through the Distinction Transformative Conversation Programme learn the formula for successfully navigating those tough conversations. They come away from the sessions with:

1. An understanding the value of Transformative Conversations and how they can implement them into their way of working

2. The capbability to apply a simple yet effective approach for both initiating and  performing Transformative Conversations

3. A list of the key transformative conversations they need to have and a personal action plan to execute them quickly

4. A toolkit of checklists and templates to support their new approach

The learning doesn’t stop after the hands-on session. Every participant in our programme will also receive 12 weeks of Transformative Conversation nudges by email.  This critical part of the programme keeps the learning alive and embeds new practices into day-to-day learning.  Those in management and leadership roles will also receive guidance on how to support their own team members to engage in Transformative Conversations.

Watch this video to get an overview of the Distinction Formula for Transformative Conversations:

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